AUP Summary (tl;dr)

NOTICE:: This section serves as a summary of the complete Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) that follows. It is meant as a quick reference, not an exact definition of terms. See each individual section for complete terms and conditions.

Resource Abuse
- Affecting other clients will affect your tenacy.
- You are responsible for `poor code`.
- `Accidents` happen once. And only once.
Spam & Unsolicited Communication
- Spam == Termination. There are no second chances.
- Solicitation of _ANY_ kind must be approved beforehand.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Networks
- Benign and drama-free networks are welcome here.
- Absolutely _NO_ botnetting. Zero Tolerance is in effect.
- Rule of Thumb: If it's legal in the US, it's fine by us.
- We enforce legal DMCAs without reservation.
- Phishing/Scam/Shock content is strictly prohibited.
- Child Porn == FBI at your door. No exceptions, No excuses

1) Resource Abuse

1,1) Resource abuse consists of any activity, intentional or otherwise, that consumes enough system resources to affect other clients or equipment.
1,2) If your account is in violation for non-severe prohibited usage, the following steps will be taken in dealing with the infraction:

1,2,1) First Offense: A written warning detailing the offense will be issued via the ticket system addressing the infraction. Once you reply to this ticket, your service(s) will be reactivated, and you will have 24hours to correct the issue.
1,2,2) Second Offense: Another written warning will be issued, and a 15,00$ CAD Service Fine will be applied to the account. Once the ticket is replied to, your service(s) will be reactivated, and you will have 4 hours from activation to correct the issue. At this point you should make a personal backup of your data, and transfer this backup to your home or other remote location.
1,2,3) Third Offense: A termination notice will be issued, all service(s) on the account will be suspended, and the service in question will be terminated with no compensation or data retrieval. A 25,00$ CAD AUP Violation Fine will also be added to the account, and must be paid in full before any service(s) are to be reactivated.
1,3) Any intentional abuse of resources, including but not limited to: DDoS Attacks, Port Sniffers, Network "security" scanners, UDP/SYN Floods, Forkbombs, Unauthorized Access, and GET floods, will result in immediate termination of services, and a permanent ban on the account.

2) Spam & Unsolicited Communication

2,1) Spam of any sort is strictly prohibited. Any client found to be sending spam or unsolicited communcations will be immediately terminated, and will be banned from all further services.
2,2) Any client wishing to send solicited/registered communications (Example: A voluntary mailing list) _MUST_ be approved beforehand. Approval may only be granted via the ticket system for records purposes.

3) Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Networks

3,1) Clients are welcome to host private, public, or corporate IRC networks that abide by all definitions of the Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy.
3,2) Botnets of any sort are absolutely prohibited, and will be treated as an Intentional Abuse of Resources.
3,3) Any network that sufferes frequent and/or repeated DDoS or other attacks will be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle (if monthly), and will be asked for find hosting elsewhere.

4) Content (Public & Private)

4,1) Placing access restrictions does not grant exemption from any AUP policy.
4,2) Any legal DMCA received for content/data on the client's service(s) will be forwarded to the client via Support Ticket, and must be resolved within 24 hours.

4,2,1) If the DMCA is not settled within 24 hours, the service in question will be suspended without compensation until the client authorizes a Frantech staff member to manually remove the offending content/data from their service.
4,2,2) Repeated DMCAs received for the same service will result in termination of the offending service(s) with no compensation given.
4,2,3) Any DMCA which results in legal action against Frantech Solutions, BuyVM, or any related enterprise will result in immediate termination of all services, with no compensation given.
4,3) Serious infractions to this policy (Child Pornography, AnonOps/etc affiliation, etc) will result in an immediate suspension of all services related to the account pending a full audit. Any information found during this audit will be held pending federal investigation.

5) Restricted/Regulated Services

5,1) bitTorrent

5,1,1) bitTorrent software must be capped to reasonable levels to avoid Network and I/O abuse.
5,2) TOR

5,2,1) TOR exit nodes are strictly forbidden, and will result in termination of service without compensation.
5,3) Security Testing

5,3,1) Any security/penetration testing software is strictly forbidden and will be considered intentional abuse, resulting in termination of all services without compensation.

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