Proxy fraud cancel

Proxy new order cancellation reason - Looks like you used a vpn/proxy to place your order which is not allowed or the ISP IP used to place the order has been reported as a proxy. Please review our TOS for clarification -


Once in your home isp you are welcomed to place a new order (if stock is available) or you may opt to pay with crypto currency/Webmoney/Alipay which bypasses checks but locks you to that method of payment for all future transactions.


If the order was paid with a credit card be advised as the order was cancelled for fraud, no funds were collected. Please check your bank.


Stripe advises the following - In the case of a reversal you will not see a refund credit on your statement, you will see the original authorization drop your statement entirely after a few days.  There will be no payment, and no refund. It will appear as if the whole transaction never happened. Your bank should be able to confirm this for you.

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